Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Parenthood *spoiler alert*

    If you're watching Parenthood on TV (or like me and devouring it on Netflix) you should stop here if  you're still in Season 1, or early in Season 2. Actually, stop here unless you're finished because we're going into Season 3.

Okay, this is your last warning, there are spoilers afoot.

    So the other night, the DH and I were watching Parenthood on Netflix.  Actually, let me get you up to speed, Julia already has a kid, wants another one, whines at some point that life is hard because they've been trying for four months, funny scene about her husband beating off in a Dr. office, then the next thing you know she gets a call from her Dr. saying that she has scarring and can pretty much never ever ever ever have a baby. Okay, so there, she is infertile. Adoption plotline, they want to adopt all of a sudden it has been six months, Julia finds out the latte girl is pregnant, latte girl doesn't want baby, Julia helps her with ulterior motives, asks "Hey, what about me taking your baby?", definite no for sad personal reasons.
    Now you're where we are, sort of. The girl has some falso contractions, Julia to the rescue blah blah blah blah. So one night the girl shows up in the night and says basically, "You can have my baby," and runs away into the dark.
    I felt my husband watching me, so I looked at him and informed him of how stupid this plot-line was.  He said, "you're getting all watery eyed."  He proceeded to hug me in a big way and say theatrically, "It's just Parenthood."
    To which I responded, "Infertility isn't parenthood, it's just slooowwww sufffeeerrriiinnnggggg," dramatically, I thought I was kidding, but then I started crying.
     This folks, is Infertility. It would make a shitty sitcom, most of the stuff I do makes little or no sense to even myself.

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