Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Dive Right In With Where I'm At

My husband and I are on our eighth month of TTC.  I'm currently in my dreaded two week wait.  I'm ranging between super hopeful, because we bought OPK's and Pre-Seed this month, but I'm also nervous because the OPK's showed I ovulate later than my guesstimated date.

I've survived what I consider a long eight months by reading several blogs, mommy blogs, pregnancy blogs, infertility blogs, review blogs, you-name-it-I've-read-it-if-it-relates-to-children blogs.  I love preparing, I love planning, I love learning and researching so blogs have been my way to prepare myself during this waiting time.

I love reading review blogs, I want to nest and buy all my baby necessities and wants so bad so I can read review blogs and make mental notes on what brands have what benefits.  I'd love to someday do my own review blogs, even if I have to borrow a baby or swaddle my cat, because I want so badly to try all this stuff out and have an idea before Baby X gets here.

That is something else, I'm a science major, so my two yet to be conceived children are Baby X and Baby Y, Baby X being the one we're currently working on.  You'll notice I said science major, not english major, so we'll just have to endure my grammatical errors along the way when they happen.

I don't want this to get so long, but I look forward to having readers, maybe guest bloggers, reviews, and connecting with people who are in my same situation, or mothers who have advice.  I look forward to letting you all in on the tears and laughter along this weird winding path I've found myself on, and hopefully announcing a bun in the oven on here.

I promise I'll even figure out how to properly format this blog, eventually.

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  1. Awesome... I'll be with you all they way to motherhood!


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