Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating Pregnancy Giveaway! Calling all bloggers!!

    I signed up, and I hope you will too! You can take part of the Celebrating Pregnancy Giveaway Event FOR FREE! That is free promotion for you and your page just by signing up here and helping promote it.
    I'm very excited, this will be my first time being involved with a giveaway on this blog.  I've entered in several giveaways but I've never had the opportunity to help promote one, although I do hope to eventually host some of my own.
    GreeN MaM-a JaM-a is a great blog I've followed for a while so I'm thrilled to be promoting her giveaway for my giveaway involvement. Check her out, and be sure to help promote the giveaway! Who couldn't use some free PR? She makes it easy and simple to get involved!

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