Sunday, September 23, 2012

Empty Womb Pre-Planning

    Good old aunt flo, she showed up two days late this month.  Anytime that happens it makes me get hopeful, even when every used pee-stick turns up a big negative.  I don't get my hopes up quite like I used to, but hoping I'm pregnant for a couple days gives me a break from inevitable let down when aunt flo pops up.
    Since I'm an empty-womber yet another month (this will be our tenth month of trying, it startles me how close to that year mark we are getting) I've been doing my empty-womb planning.  Car seats have always been on my mind, if my child could just never ride in a car I'd probably be a happier person.
    I'm terrified of cars, I don't like being in cars, I don't like my husband being in cars, I don't like my friends or family being in cars.  Of course since we live in a rural state we're all in cars all the time.  Moving 5 hours from my family across state hasn't helped.  While now we mostly drive through our city to college and work, we still have those long 5 hours drives across the interstate, highways, and dirt roads to visit home.
    The fact that the U.S. doesn't make companies release the safety standards for car seats makes me sad.  I wish I could know that the seat is the absolute safest means of travel for baby x.  I know they all have to pass safety tests, but I want to know whether they just passed or they aced the test with flying colors and put everything else to shame.
    I've been looking at the Chicco Keyfit car seats, and various Maxi-Cosi lines.  I just read a smashing review here at Babble, one of my very favorite sites.  It sounds amazing, so I'm researching them.  The car seat is definitely one item I plan to splurge on, not for pretty floral patterns, but for safety.

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